California Building Standards Code Adoption Process


The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) receives proposed changes to California's building codes from state agencies.  The following laws and regulations establish document and submittal requirements, and serve as the basis for a proposed standard's adoption and/or approval by the CBSC:

Building standards adoption consists of the following parts:

  • Code Adoption Cycle - How HCD, DSA, OSHPD, CDPH, or OSFM propose changes to building standards.
  • Model Code Adoption - Every three (3) years (during its triennial cycle), CBSC reviews the newest model codes published by various independent code-developing bodies.
  • Regular Rulemaking - How other state agencies propose changes to building standards.
  • Emergency Rulemaking - How any state agency proposes emergency changes to building standards.
  • Approving, Returning, or Rejecting Proposed Standards - How CBSC determines whether to approve, reject, or return a proposed building standard.
  • Filing a Petition - How interested persons may petition a state agency to request the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a regulation.
  • Filing an Appeal - How persons adversely affected by any regulation, rules, omission, interpretation, decision or practice of any state agency respecting the administration of any building standard may appeal the issue for resolution to CBSC.

CBSC also provides templates, checklists, and forms to assist state agencies who want to propose changes to building standards or regulations.