45-Day Comment/Challenge Periods for 2013 Intervening Cycle

3rd 45-Day Comment/Challenge Period:  August 11 - September 25, 2014

  • Notice of Proposed Action: 45-Day Public Comment Period, August 11, 2014 (PDF) (DOC)

The following state agency has submitted proposed actions (code changes), which are intended for inclusion in the 2013 California Building Standards Code, Title 24, which is scheduled for publication in January 2015 with an effective date of July 2015.  All proposed actions are subject to a 45-day public comment period.  

All comments for the following state agency proposals must be submitted to CBSC no later than close of business, September 25, 2014.

Department of Housing and Community Development

HCD 05/13 - 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Part 11, Title 24
  • Revised Express Terms, ET - (PDF) (DOC) (SRV)

Public Comment:
  • M. Flatter, Building Official (PDF)
  • H. D'Lil (PDF)
  • H. D'Lil (PDF)
  • S. Cohen (PDF)
  • R. Skaff (PDF)
    • Attachment 1 (PDF)
    • Attachment 2 (PDF)
  • T. Thimesch (PDF)
  • D. Ryan (PDF)   
  • S. Chandler (PDF)
  • P. Mendoza (PDF)
  • C.T.Yates (PDF)
  • R. Raymer, CBIA (PDF)
  • W. Park (PDF)