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Local Filings

VIEW CURRENT ORDINANCES ON FILE: We encourage local jurisdictions to review current ordinances that have been accepted for filing by the Commission (Note: these files should be viewed in Internet Explorer):

The July publication of the 2013 California Building Standards Code, which goes into effect on January 1, 2014, has prompted jurisdictions statewide to adopt the new code and complete local amendments as necessary.

The California Building Standards Commission (BSC), in collaboration with the International Code Council, California Building Officials, and Stuart Tom, Chief Building Official, City of Glendale, recently presented a webinar on the code adoption process for local jurisdictions.  This timely and instructive presentation is one hour and thirteen minutes in length:

  • Webinar via YouTube
  • Webinar slide presentation only (pdf)

Any city, county, or fire protection district may establish more restrictive building standards than those contained in the California Building Standards Code (California Code of Regulations, Title 24), if the amendment is reasonably necessary because of local climatic, geological, or topographical conditions [Health and Safety Code Section 18941.5(b)].  View a complete list of current filings under Examples of Successfully Filed Ordinances below.

Rules for Cities/Counties
When making a local amendment, the law requires that a city or county do all of the following [Health and Safety Code Section 17958.7(a)]:

  • Expressly mark and identify each change to existing building standards.
  • Make an express finding that each change is reasonably necessary because of local climatic, geological, or topographical conditions.
  • File with the BSC a copy of each change and its related findings.

Filing by mail:
California Building Standards Commission
2525 Natomas Park Dr., Suite 130
Sacramento, CA. 95833-2936

Filing by E-Mail:

Non-compliant Filings:

Following are two principal reasons why some of the proposed local amendment ordinances as submitted by local jurisdictions for the current edition of the California Building Standards Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 24, have been found unacceptable for filing. 

  • Lack of "express findings" as to the rationale for topographical, geological and/or climatic need as required by (H&SC) §17958.7 and 18941.5, and/or 
  • Lack of "expressly marked" modifications or changes to Title 24 pursuant to (H&SC) §17958.7. 

Helpful Tips:

1. Make certain that the express findings (e.g. topographical, geological, and/or climatic) are submitted with the proposed amendments.

2. Ensure that the proposed amendments are expressly marked and identified as to the applicable express findings.

3. Ensure that the proposed amendments have expressly marked modifications or changes to the respective part of Title 24 which can be illustrated via a standard regulatory strike-out and underline format.


No city or county amendment is effective until the city or county files the change and its related findings with the BSC. The failure of a city or county to file its amendment with the BSC implies that the California Building Standards Code, without amendment, applies within that local jurisdiction.

BSC Response to Amendment Filing
The BSC will send a letter to the city or county acknowledging receipt of the amendment.

Rules for Fire Protection Districts
A fire protection district must submit its findings and modifications to a city or county for ratification. In turn, the city or county must submit the findings and modifications to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Please contact HCD's Division of Codes and Standards at (916) 445-9471 or through its web site for questions regarding filings.

Additional Information
For more information on local amendments, see Bulletin 11-01: Local Government Amendments (CALGreen) and Bulletin 10-03: Local Government Amendments